Nothing quite says city wedding like a rooftop. A stunning cityscape view is all the backdrop you need.

If you’re a downtown girl, Norways many historical, charming and beautiful cities are just up your alley. Our citys has many unique location to host your wedding, but how can you make asphalt, bricks and metal "yours" for your big day? 

That’s where we come in and have chosen the best venues to transform into the city wedding of your dreams. 

Depending on your taste, a city wedding can happen in multiple ways. You can have the classic grand ballroom, with an air of elegance and sophistication. Then you have the modern rooftop wedding, filled with endless beautiful views. Or maybe a gallery wedding is what you'r looking for with some contemporary, urban industrial vibes.
Oh.. and don’t forget restaurant receptions, they do have a charm of their own when you choose just the perfect one that reflects you.

Five facts about Norwegian Cities:

  1. Oslo is Norway's most diverse city.
  2. "Midnight sun" during summer and "Polar nights" during winter is a fact at the cities in the Northern parts of Norway. In the winter you can see the Northern Lights at cities in the North, but it does occur at times in cities further south by the coast.
  3. Total Population: 5,328,212 (SSB 01.01.2019)
  4. Largest Cities: (by population) Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger, Trondheim, Fredrikstad.
  5. The Norwegian city Kirkenes is as far east as Cairo, further east than Finland, and only 9 miles (15 km) from the Russian border.

If you dont fall in love with any of the venues here - contact us still, and i'm sure we will find a City venue you only have imagined in your dreams.

  • Your wedding will be nothing short of an vibrant, iconic and luxurious event. That everyone will remember for its beautiful views, amazing food and great atmosphere from beginning to end.

  • The ultimate venue for your city wedding. Imagine celebrating your wedding "up in the sky" with a spectacular view of Oslo and all the sights.

  • Louise Restaurant at Aker Brygge invites you into unique interior and offers you an exciting taste experience from the very best of Norwegian cuisine in beautiful maritime surroundings.