From all over the world and no matter their social background, people migrate to the mountains to breathe in that crisp and clean mountain air – wearing skis or a pair of sturdy boots depending on the season.

Standing at 2,000 meters above sea level with a 360 degree view does something to you. It opens up your mind.
Norway is made up of mainly mountains and wilderness. Craggy summits and rounded rock formations are important parts of the national identity.

Norway is home to some of Northern Europe’s highest mountain peaks and a dramatic and stunning alpine landscape. Norwegian right to roam ensures that everyone in the country has free access to the countryside – as long as they show respect for nature.

You're experience of the Norwegian mountains will differ dramatically depending on what time of the year you are visiting.
Summer is .......
In autumn, nature is busy preparing for winter and the landscape glows red and yellow. The fresh air and bright colors are extreme.
During winter the landscape drapes itself in a pure, white cloak. And you will see ice covered waterfalls and snow drapet trees, and gives it an magical light - Winter is the longest of the mountain seasons.
Then when spring arrives, nature comes back to life with its lovely smell of newly sprung flowers and vibrant color pops of flowers all over the mountains.

Five facts about Norwegian Mountains:

  1. Norway’s tallest mountain is Galdhøpiggen in the Jotunheimen National Park, towering 2,469 meters above sea level.
  2. The second highest peak is Glittertind, also in the Jotunheimen National Park, at 2,464 meters above sea level including the snowcap.
  3. In Norway, anything above the tree line is often considered mountainous landscape. This can vary from sea?level in the extreme north of Norway to around 1,200 meters above sea level in Southern Norway.
  4. Norway has between 230 and 300 mountain peaks above 2,000 meters.
  5. There are 1,000 mountain peaks in Norway that exceed 1,650 meters above sea level.

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